I Will Not…

I will not trade this soul of glass
For one that masks my every wrath
Nor bury it in fear of shame
To protect what little pride remain
But drape it gently across my heart
As a window in, to view my scars

I will not let my eyes shift south
Should sorrow beckon to stain my cheek
Nor hang my head in a moment’s doubt
As affliction impels me to silently weep

I will not stand upon your field
Unarmored, with no sword no shield
Nor turn my back for you to strike
Upon me blindly, as a coward might

I will not question reason’s end
Where intent could only be presumed
Nor hope the bond of friendship mend
As cryptic jabs spill forth with truth

So many memories to evade…

Who shall fall


My heart beats steady but does not feel
Teeth clenched, devouring, my humbled will
Your words spill out; I provoke you to enchant me
I smile, you smile… both so enticing
There’s an evil at play, it knows not where to linger
And a secret to unveil though it does not know the keeper
Desire dances on the tip of the tongue
Whispering soft lies of what is yet to come
Neither of us willing to bow in defeat
I fear, win or lose; victory shall fail to taste just as sweet