My Devoted Scarecrow

I know that you shall never feel

You gaze without emotion

Your stance is firm and oh so still

Your purpose pokes at my frustration

I grasp at your inner being; it falls short within my hands

I plea for you to give me reason, you know nothing of our circumstance

I pieced you together from my own broken heart

Fragments that sealed your fate from the start

Now we stand on this lonesome road…

One broken, one built to never speak

With the strike of a match we must part

Your remnants fall to ash beneath my feet

Drug Down

I buried my wounds deep within

Masked them with layers of defiance and sin

I chased the confusion with a bottle of haze

Till the poison seeped in

Drowning my rage


I danced with temptation

Till night bowed to the day

Then clothed my regret in a blanket of shame


I broke bread with my demons

Not a one went unfed

Letting them consume me

Till my restraint had been bled


The resolve from this madness

Resembling something of an empty shell

Replaced all my sadness

With a darkened mind fit for hell


I hold…

I hold the power
The power to let you walk through my door and alter my mind
To control my every smile, every tear, every thought that washes over me
To breathe in your scent and exhale my desire
To hold my tongue till the silence turns me numb
To let you touch… just a little… not too much…

I hold the sword
Double edged upon my spine
With the valor to cripple your soul
Hindering your undermine
No remorse, no guilt entwined

I hold the key
The key to lock you in or set me free
The restraint to deny myself of your sinful pleasures
To abandon any emotion that bore your shackles
Your existence will be placed inside a box, never opened nor discussed