On the other side



I walk in, I walk out
The door fatigues with every creak.

I take a step, I stop
My thoughts spinning like a Ferris wheel.

I look forward, I look back
Did the door just beckon me?

I reach, I pull
The knob falls off.

I start to push, I pause
I question that damn knob.

I contemplate, I hesitate
The door sighs loudly in relief.

I step back, I smile
Then bust that door right down.



I focused on the dark
Till I no longer seen
The shadows of my past
Gazing back at me

I stood there in its silence
Vulnerable and blind
Willing myself to the madness
That lingered like a fog

I embraced as it consumed me
Cradling its presence with open arms
I let it course right through me
Till all I had felt was gone

I crumbled as it left me
Shivering from the coldness of the ground
And that is where I found me
Of new body, mind and sound