I’m not dead…

… just in case you were wondering. I did check for a pulse several times though, just to be sure, during this drought of ‘Writer’s block’ I’ve been struggling to overcome.  The Struggle is Real my fellow bloggers! 🙂



I hold…

I hold the power
The power to let you walk through my door and alter my mind
To control my every smile, every tear, every thought that washes over me
To breathe in your scent and exhale my desire
To hold my tongue till the silence turns me numb
To let you touch… just a little… not too much…

I hold the sword
Double edged upon my spine
With the valor to cripple your soul
Hindering your undermine
No remorse, no guilt entwined

I hold the key
The key to lock you in or set me free
The restraint to deny myself of your sinful pleasures
To abandon any emotion that bore your shackles
Your existence will be placed inside a box, never opened nor discussed