My Demons…


My demons have not only learned how to survive my attempts of destruction but also how to adapt. They now present themselves in the form of a good idea and do not reveal their true identity until the damage cannot be undone. They taunt my inner being, dissolving any trace of good intention. From a sinner’s soul to an unholy saint… my demons romp, my demons play.



Darkness Consumes


What is it about night that engages the mind and traps the soul?
Preventing us from escaping our own thought built hell
Tugging at the heart till we become slaves to its madness
Freeing our demons from their cage to wreak havoc
Painting a picture that chills to the spine
With figments of evil that devour the mind
Blurring the truth till you see only lies
Holding you hostage by your own illusive demise
Praying for the light to replenish your rapture
But knowing the night will always hold the mind captive