Where to begin… I suppose introduction would be most appropriate. My name is Tabitha (in case you didn’t catch it in my username…). I reside in southern Indiana, aka the “arm pit” of the Midwest. My hometown has gained some nationwide popularity over the past few years. It was ranked the most obese city in the United States not long ago. Along with ranking the 8th most miserable place to live. I am currently planning my escape…

I acquired a passion for writing at a fairly young age. Growing up as an only child I was often left alone with only my thoughts to keep me company. Writing quickly filled a void, allowing me to cope with a not so simple childhood. From there I sprouted into a rebellious teenager, full of both love and hate (usually at the same time… damn teenage hormones!). Trying to find my place in a world I had yet to catch a glimpse of and jotting down every emotion along the way.

As I progressed my way into adulthood (or so I thought at the time) my writing took a siesta. Possibly due to the many brain cells I was drowning at the local watering hole throughout my twenties. But I had hit a brick wall within my thoughts causing me to retire my trusty pen and paper. It wasn’t until sometime last summer (2013) that my creativity came rushing back to me. I’m not sure which crack in my downward spiraling life broke through the flood gates. But it was a long lost companion that I was excited to welcome back.

In the past I rarely shared my work with others, fearful of criticism or judgment. But I managed to gain a bit of confidence with my older age and posted some on a social media site for viewing. After several inquiries for more from friends and family, I decided to start this blog.

I am not expecting my work to be discovered nor become some world famous poet. Though that wouldn’t be such a terrible dream to hold as far as dreams go… I only hope that my words are enjoyed by my viewers and to possibly make a new friend or two in the blogging world.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. thanks for stopping by, Tabitha – hope you’re well – really like your work and look forward to reading more!

    be well – ps, that’s a great dream to dream 🙂


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