I focused on the dark
Till I no longer seen
The shadows of my past
Gazing back at me

I stood there in its silence
Vulnerable and blind
Willing myself to the madness
That lingered like a fog

I embraced as it consumed me
Cradling its presence with open arms
I let it course right through me
Till all I had felt was gone

I crumbled as it left me
Shivering from the coldness of the ground
And that is where I found me
Of new body, mind and sound




Drug Down

I buried my wounds deep within

Masked them with layers of defiance and sin

I chased the confusion with a bottle of haze

Till the poison seeped in

Drowning my rage


I danced with temptation

Till night bowed to the day

Then clothed my regret in a blanket of shame


I broke bread with my demons

Not a one went unfed

Letting them consume me

Till my restraint had been bled


The resolve from this madness

Resembling something of an empty shell

Replaced all my sadness

With a darkened mind fit for hell


Darkness Consumes


What is it about night that engages the mind and traps the soul?
Preventing us from escaping our own thought built hell
Tugging at the heart till we become slaves to its madness
Freeing our demons from their cage to wreak havoc
Painting a picture that chills to the spine
With figments of evil that devour the mind
Blurring the truth till you see only lies
Holding you hostage by your own illusive demise
Praying for the light to replenish your rapture
But knowing the night will always hold the mind captive