Clouded Views; Cross the Lines and Question the Gut!

We’ve all drawn that proverbial ‘line in the sand’ at some point or another. You know the type of line… drawn by our own conscience to serve as a boundary. In hopes that we will be able to refrain ourselves from doing that which we know we shouldn’t but still desire.   

The problem with this self-drawn line is that no one is keeping guard on the other side. Meaning, at any given time we hold the power to not only step over the line but also to cover it up completely. Like it never even existed… 

With that being said, it leaves the question, why even bother drawing it in the first place? If our moral compass doesn’t lead us in the opposite direction, who are we to fight against it? What’s the worst thing that could happen by crossing it? Is this not, after all, how we learn from our mistakes?

This is also where intuition enters in, proving to be the master key! We all carry this key with us but so often stash it away, questioning its validity as a whole and causing ourselves unnecessary grief. Only to find out in the end that it held all the knowledge needed within itself. But, do we learn…?  More often than not, we don’t. Why is it so difficult for us to accept our own ‘gut feeling’ in this scenario and yet so easy to justify breaking it in the other?   


For me, the answer is quite simple. My intuition stands out clearly whenever I first meet someone, as does it with most people. When it tells me that someone’s character is questionable or instantly indicates ‘dislike’, I struggle to accept such quick judgment, even from my own self. It’s not an easy task to just accept that someone isn’t ‘good’ without any rhyme or reason. Sadly, this is also where much of my regret stems from as it comes back around to bite me. But the regret I’ve endured has never been enough to alter my choice.


My reason for continuing to repeat this less than desirable cycle… lies in my uncertainty of knowing which would bare more regret in the end; challenging my intuition and learning that it was right or accepting it wholly without any question.

Which would you choose? 

Author: tabithalinton

I'm a introverted Leo. In other words... I'm going to need a bigger box!

2 thoughts on “Clouded Views; Cross the Lines and Question the Gut!”

  1. I have been reading the past few posts you’ve put up and I really enjoy your writings. This one made me think of Romans chapter 7… I don’t know you or anything about your faith and beliefs but I think it may be a chapter you enjoy reading.  Anyways, thanks for writing and giving a transparency in your posts that makes the writing refreshing and enjoyable to read. 

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